When you arrive at your destination

When you arrive at your destination

Travel Advice

Culture Shock

Culture shock can be very real. The term describes the stress that many travellers experience when arriving in countries where pretty much everything can be very different to everything they are used to. Homesickness can be a big problem when spending large chunks of time away from home. Some travellers go abroad to avoid unresolved problems and this can make things worse. Time differences between continents might increase isolation when it’s difficult to contact friends back home.

Food and Drink

Only eat food that has been cooked all the way through or fruits and vegetables that have been washed and peeled. Remember: boil it, cook it, peel it or don’t eat it.Only drink water or other drinks from sources you trust. In some countries tap water (which may also be used for ice) is not recommended for consumption and bottled or boiled water is recommended.

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Chris Newell