What is Student Connect?

What is Student Connect?


Basically it’s a programme where students help students!
Do you remember how it felt to be a first year student? Did you find coming to University a daunting experience? Did you know who to ask if you had a difficulty? If the answer to these questions is yes then you could help us with our peer mentoring programme.

The aim of Student connect is to provide a friendly and caring introduction to NUI Galway for first-year students through the facilitation of student-to-student help and encouragement. The benefits of the programme are two-fold: Students have an experienced student to contact if they encounter any difficulties and first year students meet a new group of friends. Your mentor is a 2nd or 3rd year student who has been in the same position as you and can answer and queries you have in relation to starting your new life in University.

How does Student Connect Work?

You will be allocated a mentor at orientation. After meeting our mentor they will bring you and your group on a campus tour and take you for a cup of coffee to chat about the University. Your mentor will give you their mobile number and email address and will contact you a important time throughout the year. They can introduce you into Clubs/Societies and you can contact them to discuss any issues that might be of concern to you. Your mentor will meet you and your group for a second time about 4 weeks into the first semester to check in with you and see how your are doing.

For further info go to the Student Services Website

Artice by
Chris Newell