U is for…

U is for…

A-Z Guide

Why did UCG become NUI Galway, seeing that UCC and UCD never changed?
The Universities Act, 1997, originally intended that UCG, UCC, UCD and Maynooth were to become NUI Galway, NUI Cork, NUI Dublin and NUI Maynooth respectively. However, UCC and UCD didn’t want to change, so they didn’t!

Why do women wear sheep on their feet?
Why don’t you ask one? It’s sure to break the ice in any conversation!

Do I really need one?
An umbrella is one of the best investments that you can make while in Galway. It can keep you and a friend dry on the walk home…

When did I join one?
You automatically became a member of the NUI Galway Students’ Union when you registered and paid the Student Levy portion of your fees. Welcome to your Union!

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