Tax Relief on Fees

Tax Relief on Fees


You may be able to clain tax relief on tuition fees paid for approved Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses. Lists of courses and colleges approved for relief each year are published on the Revenue website

Further information is available here.

You can claim tax relief as long as you have actually paid the fees, either on your own or on behalf of another person.

You cannot claim tax relief on:

  • Registration, examination or administration fees
  • Any part of the tuition fees that is met directly or indirectly by a grant, a scholarship or otherwise, e.g.where fees are reimbursed by an employer.

To apply, collect a form from local Tax Office or download a copy from the Revenue website at

You’ll have to include the following information and/or documentation:

  • receipt from University for fees paid, indicating amount of tuition fees paid and academic year to which they relate;
  • name and address of the student;
  • title of course of study and its duration;
  • indication as to whether the course is full-time or part-time;
  • name and address of the individual who has paid the tuition fees, if not paid by the student (e.g. parent, spouse);

For more information, contact the Students’ Union Vice-President / Education Officer, or your local tax office.

The number for the Galway Tax Office is (091) 547700.
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