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Battle of the Dorms Winners Announced

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Students at Goldcrest are in Energy Saving Mode & Winning Prizes Along the Way

Today the winners of the ‘Battle of the Dorms’ were awarded for saving the most energy out of all the apartments in their block, using methods such as turning off the lights before leaving a room and only boiling the water they needed for teas & coffees. The battle was spurred on by the USI “Student Switch Off” Campaign, with the support of Campus Living, NUI Galway Green Campus and NUIG Students’ Union.

The students who took part were provided with tips on how they can save energy within their dorms whilst also reducing their energy bill. Tip’s included: washing clothes at 30 degrees, boiling only what they needed, turning off lights, switching off standby mode and defrosting the freezer.

Students living off campus took part in this campaign also, leaving a clear sign that students care about saving energy and want to leave a cleaner carbon footprint wherever they go. The campaign applied life long advice to students in NUIG such as how to read an energy bill, what to look for when searching for accommodation (eg. BER certs) and much more energy saving tips.

Environmental Health and Safety Manger Lorraine Rushe says: “This is the second year that this campaign has been run in NUI Galway and it has been a huge success.  It creates awareness and empowers the students to take responsibility for the way in which they live and encourages them to reduce their impact on the environment and associated costs.  We can all learn from these initiatives and it is by getting students and staff to engage that we will start to see how small changes in the way we do things can make a big difference”.

This campaign is not over yet, it will continue until exams end and students have the chance to enter the competition by posting photos on Instagram or Snapchat ( of them carrying out energy saving actions. Prizes are continually being won and have been graciously donated by Student Switch Off sponsors; SSEAirtricity, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream and Irish Rail. So far students have won prizes such as ice cream vouchers, train tickets, tickets to FAI games, various concerts and the zoo just to name a few.

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Pictured left to right are: 

Sinead Barret (Project Manager Campus Living)

Goldcrest Winners

Eibhlín Seoighthe (NUI Galway Students’ Union Vice-President/Education Officer)

Lorraine Rushe (NUI Galway Environmental Health and Safety Manger)