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Some Taxi Safety Tips:

  1. Try not to travel alone; particularly at night
  2. Use the Transport Ireland’s Free Driver Check App
  3. When hailing a taxi on the street do the MPS check – does it have a meter, a registration plate and a registration sticker? Registered taxis must have all 3.
  4. Note the registration number on the roof. Make sure this matches the taxi door number and the number in the taxi itself. Note the driver’s name.
  5. Make a quick call to friends or family, stating the registration number and name of the taxi driver, ensuring the driver hears you
  6. Share your live location with Facebook Messenger or Google Maps

How to make a complaint:

If you wish to make a complaint about a taxi or hackney driver concerning a criminal offence you should contact your local Garda Station immediately and fill in an incident report. In an emergency situation, you should telephone 112 to be put through to the Gardaí.

The National Transport Authority operates a national complaints and enforcement system for taxis and hackneys. This covers:

  • The condition, roadworthiness and cleanliness of the vehicle
  • The conduct, behaviour and identification of a driver
  • Overcharging or other matters relating to fares charged by a driver
  • Matters relating to the hiring and booking of an SPSV
  • The identification and the general appearance of the vehicle
  • Please note: If you booked the service through a dispatch operator, you should first make a complaint to the dispatch operator.

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