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Digitising our Primary School Past

2015/16 Projects

5.18 Digitising our Primary School Past Logo

This project will photograph the Registers and Roll Books of the Primary Schools of North Mayo creating an electronic record of these archives.

NUI Galway Mini Med School

2015/16 Projects

5.7 Mini Med School Logo

This project will pilot a new student-led, interactive model at NUI Galway for promoting NUI Galway healthcare education and cancer awareness by engaging secondary school students interested in pursuing a medical related career.

Geo-Bogs: Conserving Ireland’s Natural Heritage

2014/15 Projects

IMG 0146 for website from team 8 Jan 2015

The objective of this project is to publish geo-referenced maps of Ireland’s peatlands, document bog loss / degradation, and to raise awareness about the importance of biodiversity and source water protection.