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#FundTheFuture Walk Out 1pm Thurs 21st March 2019

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#FundTheFuture Walk Out 1pm Thurs 21st March 2019

At 1pm on Thursday 21st of March 2019 we are asking all NUI Galway students and staff to leave their lectures in a walk out to demand that the Government #FundTheFuture – we will all be meeting at the Big Yellow Thing outside the Library.

Here’s why:

  • We reject the idea of a loan scheme to fund higher education and condemn the current €3,000 contribution fee.
  • We believe Education is a public good and should be funded as such.
  • Did you know that we used to have free fees when attending college?
  • Did you know that fees increased by 363% between 2007-2014? That’s €825 to €3,000!
  • Did you know we have the second highest fees in Europe? We will have the highest fees in the EU post-Brexit.
  • Grants supports were slashed in 2012 and we still have not seen them restored, never mind increased to meet the increasing costs we’re facing including the massive rents many of us are struggling with.
  • The Cassells report, published in March 2016, was deliberately ignored and neglected, and instead has been kicked to Europe for another year.
  • We cannot accept this delay in finding a sustainable and fair funding model for higher education.
  • State funding per student halved. We need more state funding so YOU and future students are not denied that opportunity.


The system is crumbling, it is chronically underfunded and it is affecting us all.

We need the government to Fund The Future.

We are walking out, alongside staff unions, at 1pm on Thursday 21st of March 2019.

Read our recent letter to the Irish Times “Student Loans No Way To Fund Education” Here.