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Life Skills

8th September 2017

We are not currently offering Irish Classes.

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NUI Galway Students’ Union Life Skills Now Enrolling


You can now enrol for the following reduced price courses in the Students’ Union Office upstairs in Áras na Mac Léinn Monday-Friday 10am-5pm. 

Please note that you must pay the course fee/deposit where applicable when you sign up. Please note that courses will only run if sufficient numbers are registered for same. 

These courses are open to registered NUI Galway students only. 

*Personal Safety and Awareness Course Now Enrolling*

We are now enrolling students for our Personal Safety and Awareness course which takes place 1pm-5pm Thursday 19th March. 

The cost of the course is €5 and you can sign up now in the Students’ Union Office.

Course Aim/objectives: To instil a focused and active sense of personal safety and awareness of dangers in the course participants and point them towards further help and education. This course is being run by Dave King of the SU Security Team in conjunction with the Gardaí.

Part 1: Introduction and course outline                                                                                                                

Definition of awareness within the personal safety milieu.

‘Self-defence’ vs ‘personal awareness’

Ineffectiveness of most physical techniques.

The adrenal response.

The predator outline.

Importance of reporting

Physical skills

Garda Briefing

Revision, Q&A, and feedback.

Part 2: Awareness and its relationship to personal safety.                                                                                          

Situational awareness and the ‘360 mind-set’

Watching your ‘6’

Visualising your journey/local knowledge.

Threat recognition/trusting your instincts.

Mobiles: Pros and cons



Part 3: The Predator outline and the Adrenal response                                                                                

Predator/Assailant preplanning and visualisation.

Predator escalation and the importance of reporting.

The percentage game (minimising/maximising your safety at all times)

The Adrenal response, physical, emotional and psychological.

Ineffectiveness of most complex physical techniques within an adrenalized situation.

Avoiding becoming a ‘target of opportunity’.

Part 4: Garda Briefing                                                                                                                   

TBC, but in our conversation beforehand we discussed the importance of people knowing the legal definitions of assault, harassment, intimidation etc. And a stressing of the early reporting of situations and using the Gardaí as a community resource rather than a call of last resort.

Part 5: Physical Skills.                                                                                                                   

A re-stressing of the legal terms defined earlier by the Garda and a re-stressing of the facts that complicated physical techniques tend towards the ineffective.

High percentage and low percentage moves.

Basic grab evasion.

The essentialities of escape.

How to strike.

$1·         Irish Classes: Beginners & Intermediate Levels

Description: This 20 week Irish course will be based on spoken, functional, and conversational Irish. Most of the teaching time will be concentrated on fluency in speaking and in comprehension. Some grammar will feature in the course, as much as is necessary for conversation. The initial classes will focus on assessing the needs of the students in the group and we will take it from there. The tutor will also let students know of Irish language cultural events that are on in Galway and socialising amongst Gaeilgeoirí outside of class is encouraged for those who can so they can practice their Gaeilge.

Assessment & Certification: There is no exam for this course. However, the European Framework for Learning Languages will be used as the basis for the syllabus and there will be TEG exams in all levels of the Irish Language taking place in 2015 if students would like to avail of the opportunity to have their progress recognised. All assistance will be given in the classes to those who wish to do this. For more information see:
More information: e-mail

Students per course: Max 25 students per class

Course Venue: AC202

Dates/Times Semester 1: Beginners 6pm-7pm Wednesday 24th September-Wednesday 26th November 2014

Intermediate 6pm-7pm Thursday 25th September-Thursday 27th November 2014

Cost: There is a suggested donation of €1 per person per class. This will go to covering costs.

$1·         Yoga

Description: This 8 week Ashtanga Yoga course has a beginners/improvers level and an intermediate level. Ashtanga yoga involves synchronizing the breath with a progressive series of postures—a process producing intense internal heat and a profuse, purifying sweat that detoxifies muscles and organs. The result is improved circulation, a light and strong body, and a calm mind. Yoga mats and belts are provided in class. 

Dates/Times Semester 2: Beginners/Improvers 6pm-7.30pm Thursday 19th March -Thursday 14th May 2015 (NO CLASS 7th May) COURSE FULL 13/03/15

Intermediate 7.30pm-9pm Thursday 19th March – Thursday 14th May 2015 (NO CLASS 7th May) 7 Spaces left 13/03/15

Course Venue: The Space, Áras na Mac Léinn

Cost: €40