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NUI Galway Students’ Union Secures Gender Neutral Bathrooms for Campus

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NUI Galway Students’ Union has secured an agreement from the University to install gender neutral bathrooms in each building on campus. The bathrooms will be rolled out across the campus from September onwards to ensure that each main building has a bathroom that is all gender accessible.

NUI Galway Students’ Union seeks to ensure a more inclusive campus for all students and staff. Gender neutral bathrooms create private, individual spaces that are open to all people. Traditional Female/male sex-segregated bathrooms are not accessible spaces that everyone can use and feel comfortable in. NUI Galway Students’ Union advocates for the rights of the diverse population of 17,500 students attending the University.

Students’ Union President Phelim Kelly said: “NUI Galway Students’ Union is delighted to have secured gender neutral bathrooms for the staff and students of NUI Galway. This is a big step on the road to a more inclusive and equal campus for all.”