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Are you well? Keeping well around exam time
Cén chaoi a bhfuil tú? Treoir le tú féin a choinneáil ar bhóthar do leasa ag aimsir na scrúduithe

Exams can be the most stressful time of the year; and a lot of peoples’ routines tend to change dramatically. Here’s some tips to help you keep yourself well during exam season.

1. Don’t isolate yourself / Ná bí leat féin i gcónaí
Exam time can be very lonely as people go off studying on their own. Try to make a conscious effort to meet up with friends, or plan something nice at the end of a day of study with others. Socialising with others is crucial around this time. Cutting yourself off from the world is not a good idea.

2. Don’t be a hero / Ná déan iarracht bheith i do laoch
Surviving on 2 hours sleep and 7 cans of red bull is not the way the human body was meant to function. Schedule in some sanity breaks and exercise during your day – a 30 minute walk can work wonders.

3. Eat regularly / Ith go rialta
You don’t have to eat like a nutritionist, but eating three meals a day and getting in some healthy snacks will keep you on track. Food fuels your body, so if you’re constantly eating junk you won’t feel great.

4. Sleep regularly / Faigh neart codlata
Many people completely change their sleep patterns during exam time. If you can, try to fit in 7-8 hours’ sleep and follow a routine. It will help you when exams start.

5. Stay hydrated / Ól go leor uisce
Water is your friend!

6. Talk to friends and look out for each other / Labhair le cairde agus bí ag faire amach dá chéile
You might notice some friends or classmates struggling at this time. Maybe they need to be pointed in the direction of one of the support services listed below.

7. Ask for help if you need it / Iarr cabhair má tá cabhair ag teastáil uait
• NUIG Health Unit: Walk in service Mon-Fri 9.15am- 12.30am & 2.30pm- 4.30pm
• NUIG Counselling Service: Drop in Mon-Fri 2pm-4pm, counselling@nuigalway.ie
• Chaplains: chaplains@nuigalway.ie 091 495 055
• SU Education Officer Eibhlín Seoighthe: su.education@nuigalway.ie 086 385 3658
• SU Welfare Officer Clare Austick: su.welfare@nuigalway.ie 086 385 3659

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