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Anti-Racism Workshop

SU Life Skills

Description: This workshop will take participants through a lively, engaged process looking at how racism functions, where it came from and what we can do to build a more equal society, locally and globally. Previous participants have described the workshop as “thought provoking” “a total eye-opener” and “inspiring”.
In a safe, relaxed environment for a guided workshop on anti-racism, participants will have the opportunity to build their skills of analysis, vocabulary and understanding of the roots of poverty. Tackling injustice at both local and global level begins with a thorough analysis of racism and shared experiences. Questioning our knowledge and perceptions about how the world works and about what role we play in it. Participants will have the opportunity to express their training in their future endeavours with work, volunteering, life and live with a cultivated true appreciation of the strength of diversity in Ireland.
Facilitator: Vicky Donnelly, Education Team, Galway One World Centre
More information:
Venue: Meeting Room 1 & 2, Áras na Mac Léinn
Date: Wednesday 16th January 2019
Time: 10.15am – 1.30pm
Cost: Limited spaces €5 to sign up at the Students’ Union. Participants will receive a certificate of completion for the workshop.

Brought to you by NUI Galway Students’ Union and Galway One World Centre