Sin Newspaper - Nuachtán Sin

Published bi-weekly during term time Sin is Galway’s only student newspaper. Established in 2000 out of its predecessor Cool Chaint, Sin has changed a lot over the years and in 2011 it went through a radical make-over and change in ethos.

With a circulation of 6,000 copies, Sin is student and campus focused, celebrating the achievements of NUI Galway’s students, athletes, artists, writers and staff.

Getting Involved

Sin is run by volunteers from all walks of life. You don’t need to be an English student to get involved! Our 200+ contributors include students ranging in age from 17 to I’d-Rather-Not-Say, undergraduates, post-doctoral and visiting students.

Volunteers can earn ALIVE certificates for participation – not to mention free tickets to gigs and more! It looks great on your CV and it’s always fun to see your name in the paper when it’s not followed by ‘of no fixed address’.

Writing for Sin is the best way to get more involved on campus and we need your help to fill 32 pages with great content every two weeks. To get involved email for advertising queries contact  Editorial meetings are held weekly where volunteers can take on assignments, swap ideas, help each other out with difficult stories, exchange phone numbers and go on dates. It really is a great way to meet people!

Sin is published in association with the NUI Galway Student’s Union, but retains editorial independence.

Read the latest issue here: Sin