Strength and Conditioning Program

Strength and Conditioning Program

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NUIG SU 6 Week Strength + Conditioning Course | Rang Nirt agus Aclaithe

Welcome to the Lucia Byrne Fitness Strength and Conditioning Program designed for NUIG

The primary goals of this program are:

1. To improve performance, speed, strength and power

2. To reduce injuries.


– Two 45 minute sessions per week via Zoom at 5:30pm (100 participants max)

– Monday (total body mobility) and Wednesday (focused on a specific muscle group)

UPDATED COURSE DATES: Starts Weds 20th Jan and Ends Mon 1st March 2021

This course is FREE!

Sign Up Via Eventbrite here:

This is 45 minute class with a mix of yoga, pilates and strength training which is ALL bodyweight so you won’t need any equipment, if you have a mat that’s great. Some water and a towel will also be handy!

The class is pitched for all levels of fitness. There will be options to make exercises easier or harder so if you are new to exercise then there will be options for you.

Think of this class as nourishment NOT punishment. This is NOT a sweat fest high intensity class, you WILL get a full-body workout that will stretch, strengthen and challenge you.

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