Sign Language Classes

Sign Language Classes

SU Life Skills
Sign Language | An Teanga Chomharthaíochta
Basic Course Unit 101

More info: This basic introductory course in Irish Sign Language runs over 10 weeks with a 1 hour class each week via Zoom. The course equips students with enough sign language to introduce themselves and conduct a fairly basic conversation with another sign language user. Participants may expect to learn the manual alphabet and some vocabulary associated with everyday conversation. There is some emphasis on conversational practice. Students are expected to attend no less than 80% of the course.
Assessment & Certification: Students will receive a certificate of attendance at the end of the course. Students should have at least 80% attendance.

Cost: €40 including handouts via email (usual price €75).

Venue: Zoom

Instructor: Martin Conroy

Dates 2021

Course A: 11am-12pm Tuesday 26th January – Tuesday 30th March 2021 SIGN UP HERE:

Course B: 12pm-1pm Tuesday 26th January – Tuesday 30th March 2021 SIGN UP HERE: 

Course C: 6pm-7pm Wednesday 27th January – Wednesday 31st March 2021 SIGN UP HERE:

Course D: 6pm-7pm Thursday 28th January – Thursday 1st April 2021 SIGN UP HERE:

Max: 12 students per tutor

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