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S is for…

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What do I do if I’m sick for a lab or exam?
If you’re genuinely too sick to attend a lab, make sure you get a doctor’s cert and talk to your supervisor/tutor as soon as possible afterwards. As for exams, well don’t even think about missing one unless you’ve spoken to your Dean!

What does Sin mean?
Originally, it meant Student Information Network, but now it doesn’t really stand for anything! Sin exists in the form of the fortnightly student newspaper and a website – www.sin.ie – which is loaded with up-to-date information on what’s happening in college!

How do I join a society?
Like clubs, societies’ have their day in the limelight – Societies’ Day. Socs’ Day will prove to be one of the most important days in your college life. Join as many societies as you can. Even if you never turn up again, nobody will hassle you about it! If you don’t join a society on the day, you can still join them throughout the academic year and Societies’ Day is re-run in the second semester. Check out www.socs.nuigalway.ie for more details.

…Student Services
What’s the difference between the Students’ Union and Student Services?

The Students’ Union is an independent body whose members are the students of NUI Galway, and is run by fifteen elected student officers who provide representation and advice. Student Services is a University department which runs the counselling services, Accommodation Office, etc. Both work together to provide support services to students.

…Students’ Union
What does the Students’ Union do?
The Students’ Union is run by students for students. We represent the students on University committees and advise students when they’re in need. The Union also runs commercial activities for the students, such as the College Bar, SU Shop, Smokey’s, secondhand bookshop, cloakroom, grinds register, student travelcards, and a locker service.

How do I call somebody in the University after office hours?

Call (091) 524411 and then press 1 when prompted. Then dial the extension number of the person you require or dial (091) 49 + extension number.

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