Rate my Trip

Rate my Trip

2014/15 Projects

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This pilot project aims to develop an app for users to monitor their travel patterns by collecting relevant information about travel habits.

The app will enable analysis of transport modal share, trip lengths and durations. and facilitate comparisons between travel modes along individual routes. Users will be able to ‘rate their route’ and pinpoint on maps problem areas along their journey. Rate my Trip aims to help remodel how transportation is analysed; promote active travel, which is a primary target of travel authorities across Irish campuses/industry; and engage end users about the impact of their travel patterns via user-friendly user interfaces and data presentation.


Project Team & Links

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Lead student partner: Billy Delaney
Lead staff partner: Dr. Eoghan Clifford

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Student partners:
Billy Delaney
Josh Baryia

Staff partners:
Eoghan Clifford
Richard Manton


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 College of Engineering and Informatics 



Project Updates

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Rate my Trip has progressed significantly in month one. Currently we are in the process of an internal alpha test. All four members of our team are using the app daily allowing us to work collaboratively in debugging and enhancing the user interface of the app. We are also exploring the various channels of advertising we can use. This has involved the sourcing of a domain name and twitter handle online. Offline, we are investigating academic journals and conferences with regards to transport. Surplus to this, initial sketches have been drawn up for the logo of the app.

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