The Aether Drone Project

The Aether Drone Project

2014/15 Projects

Aethger Drone image from project group for use on website 5 Jan 2015

This project is a pilot model for how cutting-edge technology can potentially be made available to both students and staff for a variety of uses.

It involves the acquisition of a high-quality, aerial, remote controlled drone/quadracoptor equipped with a high resolution video camera for use by students and staff at NUI Galway. During the first year, it will be used in geographic aerial surveying, aerial photography and video for means of research, PR, and event coverage. Subsequently, after appropriate training, the drone will be available to other staff and students for future research and teaching projects. The emerging market for drone technology is estimated to double in the next five years to a multi-billion euro market. NUI Galway will become one of the first universities in the world to offer this ground breaking technology to its students and staff.


Project Team & Links

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Lead student partner: Fionn Delahunty
Lead staff partner: Dr. Eugene Farrell

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Student partners:
Fionn Delahunty
Darren Kelly


Staff partners:
Dr. Eugene Farrell
John Caulfield
Riona Hughes
Cillian Joy

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Project Updates

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• Researched current Irish Aviation Authority legislation regarding drone usage in Ireland; we will be pursuing commercial licencing as the recreational licencing does not fit our short and long-term goals .
• Researched models and makes of drones. Purchased the DJI phantom vision 2+
• Started the process of applying for licences under the Irish Aviation Authority to use the drone commercially.
• In order to increase sustainability of the project, we have began the process of applying to set up a Irish Aviation Authority flight center here in NUI Galway. With an aim to set up training for future students and staff in the university.
• Applied for increased project funding through the Research Office and other sources within NUI Galway

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-Purchase and initial testing of the UAV.
-Received additional funding for the project from the University Foundation.
-Planned training for key members of the project with an aim to increase the sustainability.
-Submitted promo material to Ollscéala staff magazine to highlight the team work.

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