What’s in a Name?

What’s in a Name?

2014/15 Projects

 whats in a name Logo 16 Feb 2015

This project aims to make students, staff and visitors at NUI Galway aware of the stories behind the names of some of the University’s key lecture halls located on the Concourse.

People may use these lecture halls every day without ever realising who the space was named after, and why their name was chosen. The project team will seek to collaborate with the University’s Marketing and Buildings departments in an effort to erect a simple sign outside each lecture hall. This project will create awareness of Irish historical figures and encourages engagement with the university’s environment.


Project Team & Links

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Lead student partner: Katie Fallon
Lead staff partner: John Cunningham

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Student partners:
Katie Fallon
Helen Keane
Liam Cunningham


Staff partner:
John Cunningham

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Project Updates

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Currently we are in the process of drafting the content for the plaques, and making contact with the Marketing and Buildings offices in NUI Galway. We are also discussing various ways to promote the project on campus.

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Chris Newell