Forward Footsteps in Diabetes Initiative

Forward Footsteps in Diabetes Initiative

2014/15 Projects

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This project aims to organise a one-day event to raise awareness of diabetes and provide free foot screening to encourage early identification of diabetes-related foot changes.

Many complications of diabetes are well publicised such as stroke and heart attacks, however small vessel complications (microvascular) associated with the small nerves in the feet remain poorly understood. Early detection of foot related problems are essential to allow for appropriate referrals and effective interventions and management plans to be implemented. This will be the first time Podiatry and Medical students at NUI Galway work collaboratively to engage with the community in a public setting.


Project Team & Links

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Lead student partner: Elaine Thompson 
Lead staff partner: Dr Claire MacGilchrist

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Student partners:
Elaine Thompson
Margaret Adesiyan
Mark Shaughnessy
Yvonne Buckley
John Walsh
Christopher Joyce
Danielle Linehan


Staff partners:
Dr Claire MacGilchrist
Mr Nigel Roberts
Dr Sean Dinneen


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School of Medicine, NUI Galway

School of Podiatry, NUI Galway



Project Updates

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Students are trained for the screening and we are currently identifying a suitable site for the screenings to take place. We have all the back ground work done and just need to finalise a venue.

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