Presentation to UMT

Presentation to the University Management Team (UMT) by Megan Reilly, Students’ Union President, 18th October 2018.

On Thursday the 18th October I presented to the University Management Team, which is made up of the highest and most influential decision makers in the University. I presented to them on student issues, but first giving them a broad outline of the activities of the Union. I mentioned our executive committee, our class rep system, our Commercial services, and Céim.

I brought three student issues to the meeting:

The student levy: I explained that we pay the highest levy in the country other than UCD (who get free gym membership), and that we’re the only University who’s health unit is partially funded by the students. I talked about how the levy can only be changed by referendum, and that this year we’ve been investigating the levy and essentially asking are students getting the best value for money out of it.

Social Spaces: I explained that space is a broad reaching problem across the university, from students having nowhere to sit between lectures, to the library building which is outdated and cannot meet students’ needs. I stressed that work is being done on this , but that we need capital investment and new buildings that are student centred, as well as more seating.

A Student partnership agreement: I brought this to UMT to get a commitment to having a partnership policy, which would make sure we have student representation on all committees and that students are given proper inductions and training so that they can best contribute to those committees. I asked for a group to be set up of students and staff that could start working on this agreement.

Reaction: Management have committed to doing a review of the levy, but remember it’s we as students who have the power to change it!

The Deans seemed quite eager on the idea of a Student Partnership agreement, and the President has committed to setting something up going forward. We are hoping to work on this throughout the year.

The President has also committed to following up on the group that is being set up to look at social spaces. It’s a start on the issue, but I will continue to insist that we need seating put in all across campus as well as capital investment into new buildings so that we have proper student spaces all across campus, and buildings that fit the needs of the student population.

You can find a copy of the presentation HERE