P is for…

P is for…

A-Z Guide

What if I forget my Computer Services password?

Call down to the Library & IT Support Desk in the James Hardiman Library and they’ll sort it in a jiffy.

…Please Talk
To who?
www.pleasetalk.ie is a website outlining the many people you can talk to on Campus about any problems you may have. Remember a problem shared is a problem halved!

Where can I get photocopying done?
There are photocopiers located in the library and you can buy copy cards for the library copiers in the library. 

How do I get that kiss?
Just jump in. Well, within reason. You have to make sure the person is agreeable first! Once they are, it’s a breeze. Cook him/her dinner once, they’ll be damn impressed! You think we didn’t learn this stuff in school? No, but the rules and standards are a little different in University. Some would say “higher”, but others prefer the safety of “different”. Don’t worry; you’ll catch on! 

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