“Not Consent” Exhibition to open NUI Galway Students’ Union SHAG Week

“Not Consent” Exhibition to open NUI Galway Students’ Union SHAG Week

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“Not Consent” Exhibition to open NUI Galway Students’ Union SHAG Week

NUI Galway Students’ Union will launch their SHAG Week (Sexual Health Awareness and Guidance) events on Saturday 9th of February with the Galway premier of the “Not Consent” Exhibition in the O’Donoghue Centre. This powerful piece features exhibits of clothing worn at the time of sexual assault or rape donated by the victims. The exhibition is curated by Ruth Maxwell who survived a horrendous attack on her way to work in Dublin in 2016 and aims to end victim blaming culture. The exhibition will be open 2pm-6pm and there will be representatives from Galway Rape Crisis Centre, Stop Domestic Violence in Ireland, Survivors Side by Side and NUI Galway Students’ Union speaking at the event along with performances from well-known musicians.

On Tuesday 12th of February at 6pm the Students’ Union will also host the NUIG premier screening of the movie “The Meeting” in the D’Arcy Thompson Theatre in conjunction with Galway Rape Crisis Centre. The film is based on a real meeting which took place between Ailbhe Griffith and the man who, nine years earlier, subjected her to a horrific sexual assault and left her seriously injured and fearing for her life. Griffith, in an extraordinary move, plays herself in this unique drama and will be speaking at the event. Limited free tickets are available via Eventbrite.

Other events during the week include disclosure training with Galway Rape Crisis Centre, information on violence in relationships from COPE Galway, a saucy Valentine’s Day show from The Dirty Circus and Sex Toy Bingo which is nothing like the bingo your Granny might attend! The free, on campus, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) Clinic will have extended hours during SHAG Week. The Students’ Union will also distribute free condoms to students.

Students’ Union Vice-President/Welfare and Equality Officer Clare Austick said: “We are delighted to be working with Ruth Maxwell to bring the amazing “Not Consent” exhibition to NUIG. Students’ Unions and Universities need to take a strong lead in ending the culture of victim blaming as sexual violence and harassment are still prevalent issues in today’s world. How somebody is dressed is not consent. Consent is Ongoing, Mutual and Freely Given – this is the core message of the NUIG Smart Consent courses.”

Students’ Union President Megan Reilly said: “We hope that our SHAG week events will encourage our students to take a responsible attitude to sexual health and healthy relationships. We still have a long way to go in Irish society in terms of breaking down the taboo of talking about sex.  We want our students to be educated about their sexual safety.”

Full programme of events available at: https://su.nuigalway.ie/nuig-shag-week-february-2019/

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