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Meningitis Alert

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Meningitis Alert 27/09/18

The Student Health Unit has been informed of a case of Bacterial Meningitis that has been diagnosed in a student attending NUI Galway.

Please see below correspondence received from the local Dept of Public Health with further information and advice for all students to take note of:

Dear Student,

I wish to inform you that a possible case of meningococcal disease has occurred in a student at NUI Galway.

While it is very unlikely that there will be further cases in the University, it is important to be aware of the symptoms of this illness – these include:

· headache
· high temperature
· vomiting
· neck pain
· dislike of bright lights
· a red/purple rash which does not fade on pressure
· dizziness

Some or all of the above symptoms may be present. Seek medical attention without delay if you are concerned.

Should you need any further information, please contact your student health services, general practitioner or a public health doctor on the numbers below.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Regina Kiernan
Consultant in Public Health Medicine
MCN 09830

Student Health Unit
Tel: 091 492604
Emergency Medical Number: 087-2623997

Department of Public Health
Merlin Park Hospital Campus, Galway, H91 N973.
Tel: 091 775200 F: 091 758283 E:

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Joanna Brophy