L is for…

L is for…

A-Z Guide

Do I really need a lease?
Yes. Print one from the Welfare Section or call to the Students’ Union Welfare Officer.

…library Account
How do I access my Library Account?
The username and password for your Library account are the same as your University email username and password. Log on to the Library website www.library.nuigalway.ie and your library account allows you to see online what books you have checked out, to check what fines you may owe, to place a hold on a book, to renew the books you currently have on loan etc.

How do I get a student loan?
Depends on your bank really. You’ll probably need a guarantor (parents, guardian, etc) before you’re allowed to borrow money. If you can avoid it at all, stay out of debt!

How do I get a locker?

Log on to the Lockers section and register for a locker in your location ofchoice. Then call up to the SU to pay and collect your key.

…look out
...What do I look out for?
Your friends, especially when you are all out together. If they are a bit drunk or not feeling too well, never abandon them!

Who do I ask when I get lost?
Anybody! NUI Galway is probably the most relaxed campus in Ireland, and although it may seem like it at first, it’s not that big! The Student Information Desk in Áras Ui Chathail is also a good starting point. Just ask – we used to get lost too, even though some people won’t admit it!

…Lost and Found
I lost (or found something). Where do I go?
The official Lost and Found office for the University is at the Student Information Desk in Áras Uí Chathaill. It also doubles as the University’s Parking and Information Office.

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