Introduction of Option to pay Student Fees and Contributions in 2 Equal Installments

Introduction of Option to pay Student Fees and Contributions in 2 Equal Installments


In order to assist students in paying their fees and contributions, the University has introduced an option to pay fees and contributions in two equal installments.

Please note that this option is not applicable to international students and it is University policy that all international students pay their fees in full before registering In some cases international students need evidence of fees paid to apply for visas and to register with immigration so it is very important that this is adhered to.

Payment Arrangements;-
In previous years, student fees, contributions and levies were generally payable in full early in the academic year (e.g. before 31st October). From August 2011, the following payment arrangements are being made available to students for the academic year 2011/12:-
– Student levies (currently €224 for all full time students and pro rata for all part-time students) must be paid in full before 31st October 2011

Fees and Contributions:
– Student fees and contributions may be paid in full before 31st October 2011
– 50% of fees and contributions may be paid before 31st October 2011 and the balance paid before 31st January 2012

Student levies apply to all students, irrespective of Local Authority/VEC/other funder and must be paid before 31st October 2011.

Students, who plan to avail of Local Authority/VEC/other funder for payment of their fees and contributions should apply to their chosen funder well in advance of the start of the academic year. Proof of availability of such funding (i.e. copy of the grant award letter or, if not yet available, copy of grant application form) must be furnished to the University’s Fees Office before Friday 15th December 2011. This will assist the University in collecting the student’s fees and contributions directly from the Local Authority/VEC/other funder and will avoid sanctions for late payment. Where a doubt exists as to eligibility for such funding, students are advised to pay their fees and contributions before Friday 15th December 2011. Such amounts will be refunded to the student if and when payment is later received from the funder.

Students, who find themselves in financial difficulty, should contact the Fees Office.

Sanctions for Late Payments:
Where student fee, student contribution and student levy payments are not made (and where proof of Local Authority/VEC/other funder is not provided) within the timelines outlined above, the following sanctions will be applied:-
a) 31st October 2011 = Late payment fee €200
b) 31st January 2012 = Additional Late payment fee €200
c) Exam results withheld
d) Progress to the subsequent year’s study withheld
e) Graduation withheld
f) Legal action for recovery of long outstanding fees

Payment Methods and Queries:
Please view our website at for details of payment methods and for answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Artice by
Chris Newell