The Higher Education Grants scheme is run by SUSI. Students should refer to for the latest updates on the Grants scheme.

Maintenance grants are available to help students with their costs of living during full time study; the local authorities in Ireland provide maintenance grants to students who are entering undergraduate or postgraduate education for the first time. Only EU nationals who have resided in the relevant local authority since the 1st of October of the year previous to starting the course may apply. Candidates for the maintenance grant must also undergo a means test, as your income must be below a certain level before the grant is awarded.

You are eligible to apply under this scheme if you:

  • are starting an approved course for the first time
  • are a mature student, who entering in order to complete (or pursue, in the case of postgraduate) an approved course at undergraduate or postgraduate level for the first time
  • have attended, but not completed, an approved course and are returning following a break of at least 5 years in order to pursue an approved course at the same level
  • have entered an approved course in Ireland prior to the academic year and are now entering an approved course outside of Ireland, for the first time.

To be eligible for a grant under this scheme, you must also fulfil the following conditions relating to residence,age,academic attainments, means and nationality


Your parents or guardians or, you yourself if you are an independent mature candidate, must have been ordinarily resident in the administrative area of the local authority from 1st October prior to applying for the grant. The local authoriy has discretion to waive this requirement in exceptional circumstances.


You must be at least 17 years of age on 1st January of the year following your application.

If you are studying abroad for the year (e.g. an Erasmus year) you will be entitled to the non-adjacent fee.