It’s important to manage your resources well no matter how scarce they are!

Some students find themselves experiencing financial hardship during their time in the University. If you find yourself in this situation, and cannot reasonably obtain funds elsewhere, financial support is available from the Financial Aid Fund.

The purpose of the Financial Aid Fund (FAF) is to tackle disadvantage by enabling students to fully benefit from their studies. Support from the Financial Aid Fund takes into account a student’s financial situation and other personal circumstances.  A standardised assessment system is used to determine the level of need and aid.  The ability to support a student depends on the size of the fund available, the number of applications and the circumstances of the applicants in any given year. You are eligible if your course at NUI Galway is at least one year long and will lead to either an undergraduate or postgraduate qualification.

More information is available here:

Online application for Financial Aid Fund

Other supports available to third level students include the Higher Education Grants scheme run by SUSI