“Harassment may be defined as behaviour which is unwelcome, intimidating or offensive to the recipient and which the perpetrator knows, or should know, is unwanted. It can take the form of a verbal, physical or psychological attack, and can be openly aggressive or subtly hidden. Sometimes harassment may involve repeated and persistent.”

This is taken from a pamphlet launched by the University this year entitled “Harassment and Sexual Harassment – Advice to Students and Staff”. The Students’ Union supports this pamphlet and with the University is committed to the principle that every student and staff member is entitled to study and work in an environment free from harassment and sexual harassment.

Harassment and sexual harassment may constitute a criminal offence, and if you feel you are a victim of either please contact the Students’ Union officers listed below. Copies of the policies on anti-bullying and harassment are available from the Library and the Students’ Union.

Sexual Harassment can include:
Physical – Unnecessary touching, pinching or brushing against another, assaults, coercing sexual intercourse
Verbal – Unwelcome sexual advances, demands for sexual favours, suggestive remarks,innuendoes or lewd comments.
Non-Verbal – Displays of pronographic, or sexually suggestive pictures and objects;leering,whistling or sexually suggestive gestures.

If you encounter sexual harassment in the Universtiy, you may report it to your dean,head of department,the registrar, Student Services or the Students’ Union Vice-President/Welfare Officer
You can also see the student counsellors in confidence and free of charge.

Useful Contacts:
Galway Gay Helpline (091) 566134 (8pm – 10pm Tuesday and Thursday)
Galway Lesbian Helpline (091) 546611 (8pm – 10pm Wednesday)
Galway Rape Crisis 1800 355355 Freephone
An Garda Síochána (091) 538000 or for emergencies dial 999/112
Garda Liasions (091) 538079 Vincent Jennings/Ciara Moran
Student Counsellors (091) 492484
Vice-President/Welfare Officer (091) 524810 extn. 2747
Equality Officer (091) 524810
TENI (transgender equality network) info@teni.ie 0851477166

Contact the Equality Officer or Welfare Officer for further assistance

Artice by
Chris Newell