H is for…

H is for…

A-Z Guide

…Health Unit
What’s the deal with the Student Health Unit?
It’s a free service for students. Full details are available in the welfare section

…Healthy Living Week
Do I have to eat my greens?
Yes you do all year round! To remind you of the importance of a healthy lifestyle our Welfare Officer, will be holding a Healthy Living Week campaign.

When do I get holidays during the year?
Consult your Students’ Union diary for full details of all holidays throughout the academic year. Generally, it’s three weeks at Christmas and two at Easter.

…hot water bottle
But my Granny has one?
It doesn’t matter! You’ll save a fortune in electricity costs if you don’t use an electric blanket!

What’s the HUB?
The HUB, or student common room, is located in Áras na Mac Léinn and is a handy place for just chilling out. It’s got board games, pool tables and a FussBall table – surely enough to entertain any student for a spare hour.

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