G is for…

G is for…

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How do I know if I’m eligible and what if I missed the deadline?
Eligibility for maintenance grants is based on your household income for the year up to last December and grants are incremented according to same. Read the SUSI Grants Section and ask the Students’ Union Vice-President / Education Officer for help.

Where do I get my grant cheques?
You can pick up your maintenance grant cheques from the Fees Office in Áras Uí Chathail. The cheques are made available to students as they arrive in the Fees Office. If your cheque is late, don’t panic! Dates vary between County Councils, but call them if you’re very concerned.

What if I have no money until my grant cheque comes?
Talk to the student officer in your bank. They should be able to give you an advance payment until your grant comes in, but spend prudently – it disappears fairly quickly!

Who can give me grinds?
The Students’ Union runs an online grinds register giving details of tutors for all subjects from Accounting to Spanish.

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