Flirt FM (Campus Radio)

Flirt FM (Campus Radio)


Flirt FM 101.3 is the award-winning student radio station for Galway city. Part of a 23 station national network of community radio stations, we’ve been broadcastng from NUI Galway since September 1995.
With just two paid staff, the station is composed of (up to 120 during term) student volunteers (this is where you com in!).

On air weekdays throughout the year, we have a full-time term schedule of 100 hours, and a reduced academic holiday schedule of 70 hours. You can expect extended coverage of important campus events from the SU elections to event weeks and student issues. We have a dedicated news site at to help you keep up with campus happenings.

So what do we sound like? Well, certainly not your average station. Flirt FM is by, of and for the third-level students of Galway; providing an alternative to locally available commercial radio in fact we’re the only dedicated alternative station outside of Dublin. In addition to tuning in on 101.3fm you can listen online and message us at, friend us on Facebook, Last Fm, Twitter, Mixcloud and text us on 085 180 1013.

If you’re interested in volunteering complete our online application form.
Whether your interest lies in production, technical work, interviewing, promotion, research, editing or presenting we’d like to hear from you.
Working at the station has many perks; it’s a great social network, you can get an ALIVE certificate, you’ll never worry about speaking in public again, and crucially, if you’d like to work in broadcast the experience and skills you will pick up along the way are invaluable.

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Chris Newell