F is for…

F is for…

A-Z Guide

No to fees?
NUI Galway Students’ Union is completely opposed to the re-introduction of third level fees. Keep an eye out for events and protests in the No to Fees campaign!

…financial difficulties
What should I do when in financial difficulty?
There is funding available to students who get into severe financial difficulties, including the ESF-backed Financial Aid Fund. Talk to the Students’ Union Vice-President / Welfare Officer.

...Flirt fm
Hey you what’s that sound?
That sound is our Campus radio station Flirt FM that you can find at 101.3FM or listen online at www.flirtfm.ie.

Are they something that I walk on?
No! Footnotes are notes placed at the bottom of an essay/report or book and contain comments or citations. Use them, unless you want to be accused of plagiarism! 

What’s Freshers’ Ents?
An early chance to get to know the 3500 first years, and also to score that guy or girl who you’ll spend the next three years avoiding! There are loads of impressive prizes and freebies on offer too. They start in early September, so keep your eyes open for more details.

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