The newly elected officers will take up their positions on the 1st of July 2016 


As per The Students’ Union Constitution all members of the Executive Committee shall be elected by and from the full members of the Union in accordance with Schedule 1. The procedure for all other elections shall be determined by the Elections Committee.Every year as a member of the Students Union you choose who you want to run your Union by electing the Executive Committee for the following year. The term of office for the elected Officers of the Union runs from the 1st of July until the 30th of June.

Your full guide to running for SU Elections 2016/17 is available HERE.

Why Vote?

Voting gives you a direct say in how your Union is run, how your issues are dealt with and how your money gets spent. It’s important to pick the people you want as it’s the Union who will be representing your views to the Universtiy and on a local,regional and national level. Your vote is your voice so speak up!

When do I vote?

The full-time officers – the President, the Vice-President/Education Officer and the Vice-President/Welfare Officer – will all be elected on Thursday the 3rd of March 2016. Nominations for these positions are now CLOSED. 

The part-time officer positions of – Oifigeach na Gaeilge, Equality Officer, Societies’ Chairperson, Postgraduate Officer, Clubs’ Captain, 5 College Convenors and Mature Students’ Officer – will all be elected on Thursday 10th March 2016. Nominations for these positions are now CLOSED. 

The SU Council Chairperson will be elected at the last SU Council meeting of the year at 6pm on Monday 29th of February 2016 in IT250. Nominations are now CLOSED. Please note that only registered Class Reps can run for, nominate and vote in this election. 

How to Vote?

  • Come along to the advertised Polling Stations in An Bialann (the Canteen) (10am-7pm), Áras na Mac Léinn (11am-8pm) and the Engineering Building (12pm-4pm)
  • Bring your NUI Galway Student Card
  • You will be given a ballot paper and pen
  • Fill out the ballot paper listing your candidates in order of preference…remember you don’t have to vote for more than 1 person
  • You must then fold your ballot paper to conceal your vote and place it in the sealed ballot box
  • You can only vote once!

For the elections of Clubs’ Captain and Societies’ Chairperson on polling day it is strictly one vote per club for Clubs’ Captain and one vote per society for Societies’ Chairperson. Only Club Captains and Society Auditors (or their proxy) may vote and they can only vote in the Bialann polling station or at the 1pm Clubs meeting or 6pm Societies meeting. There is no Remote Vote for these positions.

Remote Vote

Remote Vote is a facility to allow students to vote online. It’s particularly useful for students on satellite campuses and students on work placement, but it’s available to any student. The system is accessed via the Students’ Union website and is easy to use, secure and confidential. Students simply log in using their campus account. The only requirement is students must register to use Remote Vote before the Election Day.

Remote Vote deadlines 2016:

Full Time Elections & Referendum register before midnight Wednesday 2nd March & Vote online 10am-8pm Thursday 3rd March. 

Part Time Officer Elections & Referendum regsiter before midnight Wednesday 9th March & Vote online 10am-8pm Thursday 10th March. (Please note Remote Vote not available for Clubs & Socs Positions – Captains/Auditors should contact the SU about using proxy for their vote) 

You must register separately for each of the voting days. 

How do I run for Election?

To be eligible to run in this election, candidates must be members of NUI Galway Students’ Union. All registered students of NUI Galway, on payment of the student levy are members of the Students’ Union. You need to be nominated by 20 members of the Students’ Union i.e. registered students.

Nomination Forms

Nomination forms shall be made available from the Students’ Union office and the Students’ Union website once nominations have been opened. Completed nomination forms must be returned to the Students’ Union election nomination box in Áras na Mac Léinn by the appointed date and time. Late nominations will not be accepted under any circumstance.

Elections Committee

The Elections Committee comprises of the President, the Vice-Presidents and the Returning Officer appointed under Schedule I. The duties of this committee are to oversee the running of all Union elections and to decide on any matters relating to such which are not specifically covered in this constitution and its schedules. If a member of the committee is running for re-election, they must resign their position on the Elections Committee. The Executive Committee shall nominate one of their number as a replacement. The Elections Committee must also provide a list of rules and regulations for candidates before campaigning begins.


Election regulations are outlined in the Students’ Union Constitution, Schedule 1

Schedule 1 (Elections).


If you have any queries about the regulations or running of the elections, please email elections@su.nuigalway.ie 

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