D is for…

D is for…

A-Z Guide

What happens if I miss a deadline?
You should never be late with assignments without consulting with your lecturer/tutor beforehand. If you’ve got a genuine reason for being late, they’ll probably allow you a few days extra.

What does the Dean do?
A Dean’s main responsibility is to keep things together in a School. The Dean is also the person you have to talk to if you want to defer exams, etc., and they give good advice on any academic issues.

How do I defer an exam?
Your School will allow you to defer an exam in situations of sickness, if there is a bereavement of someone close to you or in other circumstances, which can stop you from sitting exams. You will need to provide evidence e.g. doctors cert.

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Why can’t I have that book for longer?
Some books are more in demand than others, sometimes only at certain times of the year. Because of this, the library must limit how long any one student can retain a book, so that everybody gets a fair go. Don’t keep these books longer than you’re allowed – the fines are pretty hefty!

Where do I register my disability?
You are not obliged to inform the University of a disability. However unless you do, you are not eligible to access the many disability support services that may be available to you. For more information contact the University’s Disability Liaison Officer or the SU VP/Welfare Officer.

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