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Register an SU Card
Setup your MY SU account and activate your card.
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Your SU Card Details
Points, cards, transactions & preferences.
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The SU Card gives you even better value
With the SU Card, you can now earn points or free products every time you shop with us. Your SU Card can be used in any of the Students’ Unions businesses which include:

The Wall Café
The College Bar
The SU Shop
Smokey’s Café

Students’ Union businesses are spread thought out the campus, so your SU Card will quickly start to clock up the points. You can choose to convert your points to a cash balance on your card or exchange points for great offers throughout the year.
You can also clock up free College Bar Dinners or Teas and Coffees.

College Bar Dinners: 1 free with every 10 Carvery Dinner.
Teas & Coffees: 1 free Tea or Coffee with every 10 purchased at The Wall Café, Smokey’s Café, The SU Shop or The College Bar

Earning points
Wall Café, Smokey’s Café, The College Bar*4 points for every €1 spent
The SU Shop*2 points for every €1 spent
Earning points & converting to cash on your card

Accumulated Spend

Points p/€1
Total Points




*Excludes: Alcohol, Tobacco, Phone Credit, Print Credit, Stamps
**SU Card top-ups (cash, dinner bundle or coffee bundle) are subject to Terms and Conditions. You must accept and agree to these terms and conditions in order to top-up your card.
Frequently Asked Questions
My Card Doesn’t Scan at the Tills
If you’re card isn’t recognised by the tills, chances are you haven’t registered it on this website. You should create a MySU account (if you don’t have on already) and then register your card by entering your card number into the space provided.
I Lost my Card – What Should I Do?
You should obtain a new card from the College Bar or any of our other stores. Then log in to your loyalty account, cancel your existing card and register the new one. All of your balances (points, cash, teas/coffees, dinners) will automatically be transferred to your new card. You’re new card will become active the moment you register it.
I Have Another Problem or None of the Above Worked
If you have a problem and you’d like to contact someone about it, then please send an email to SU Card Support at: and we’ll do our best to get you up and running again.

Students’ Union Card

SU Card

Select Your Account Type

Having a Students’ Union account puts a wealth of services at your finger tips. Choose one of the following options to proceed:

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NUIG Student/Staff

You will be taken to a secure Edugate page, where you will be prompted to enter your Student ID/Staff ID and password. This is the same password that you use to log in to the PC Suites, NUIGWiFi, Blackboard and Library Systems.

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Non Student/Alumni

If you are not a student or staff member of NUI Galway, you can use this method to log into your account. Some NUI Galway staff members may need to log in using this method (if you previously logged in using your email address).

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Problems Logging In?

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