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#NUIGSU18 Election Results Thurs 28th Sept 2018

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Students’ Union Elections
Toghcháin Comhaltas na Mac Léinn

***Torthaí / Results***

Vice President Education Officer
Leas Uachtarán Oifigeach Oideachais

SEOIGHTHE, Eibhlín 330
Re-Open Nominations 69

Eibhlín Seoighthe deemed elected

Ethnic Minorities Officer
Oifigeach um Eithneach Mionlach

1st Count
BASSEY, Edidiong 130
CHIHUMURA, Victoria 186
D’SOUZA, Jackson 42
RAGHAVAN, Balaji 43
SHAH, Mitul 13
Re-Open Nominations 7

2nd Count
Re-Open Nominations, Shah, Raghavan, D’Souza and Bassey eliminated.
Non Transferable 42
BASSEY, Edidiong +31 (161)
CHIHUMURA, Victoria +32 (218)

Victoria Chihumura deemed elected

Comhghairdeachas libh!

Meningitis Alert

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Meningitis Alert 27/09/18

The Student Health Unit has been informed of a case of Bacterial Meningitis that has been diagnosed in a student attending NUI Galway.

Please see below correspondence received from the local Dept of Public Health with further information and advice for all students to take note of:

Dear Student,

I wish to inform you that a possible case of meningococcal disease has occurred in a student at NUI Galway.

While it is very unlikely that there will be further cases in the University, it is important to be aware of the symptoms of this illness – these include:

· headache
· high temperature
· vomiting
· neck pain
· dislike of bright lights
· a red/purple rash which does not fade on pressure
· dizziness

Some or all of the above symptoms may be present. Seek medical attention without delay if you are concerned.

Should you need any further information, please contact your student health services, general practitioner or a public health doctor on the numbers below.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Regina Kiernan
Consultant in Public Health Medicine
MCN 09830

Student Health Unit
Tel: 091 492604
Emergency Medical Number: 087-2623997

Department of Public Health
Merlin Park Hospital Campus, Galway, H91 N973.
Tel: 091 775200 F: 091 758283 E:

National Housing Protest | Student Lockout 2018

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National Housing Protest | Student Lockout 2018

Wednesday 3rd of October 2018, Dublin.

€2 Return Bus Tickets on sale from the SU 2pm Tuesday 25th of September. NUIG student ID required.

Bus departs from Galway Cathedral 8am sharp Wednesday 3rd of October. Return to Galway by 7pm (approx)

Spiraling costs. Rogue landlords.
27%+ increases to rent of student accommodation overnight.
Little to no deposit protection.
Damp, run down and regularly overcrowded conditions.
Box rooms with 2 beds.
Sleeping on friends couches.
Staying overnight in cars outside college.
Paying night by night in hostels.
€255+ a week or €1000+ a month.
Living out of hostels
Commuting 2+ hours to get to your first lecture.
…or not being able to attend college at all.

Students are footing the second highest fee in Europe for third level education, and we are being further locked out by the lack of, and cost of, accommodation across Ireland.

Union of Students in Ireland (USI), with Students’ Unions and student activists across Ireland are organising with trade unions, community groups, charities, women’s groups and political parties as part of the National Homeless & Housing Coalition. to call for urgent action during this national crisis.

Our national student protest will join the rally outside Leinster House, but first we are taking to the streets. Join us.

We need to #RaiseTheRoof on the Dáil, and wake the Government up.

NUI Galway Students’ Union Launches Consent Workshops for First Year Students

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NUI Galway Students’ Union Launches Consent Workshops for First Year Students

This year NUI Galway Students’ Union will roll out consent workshops to the first year students at Student Residences Corrib Village and Goldcrest Village. Over 40 volunteers have been trained by the NUI Galway Smart Consent Programme to facilitate these workshops to students, which include an interactive one hour session on what sexual consent means.

Consent workshops are becoming more a feature of third level education, with the rise of the #metoo movement and sexual harassment on college campuses. The Students’ Union is also involved in a number of other activities which promote safe sex and consent, including distributing free condoms and promoting the free STI Clinic on campus.

On the importance of educating people on consent, NUI Galway Students’ Union Welfare & Equality Officer Clare Austick said: “Consent education is extremely important and beneficial to students as there appears to be a very evident lack of understanding around the topic of consent and sexual health in general. I believe Students’ Unions and Universities in particular should take a strong lead in implementing consent workshops as sexual violence and harassment are still very prevalent issues in today’s world. Consent isn’t a straightforward, black and white, spoken about topic, whereby a lack of consent given can potentially ruin lives. These workshops are designed to create a dialogue between students around consent and empower the individual to communicate what they may or may not want.”

Padráig MacNeela of SMART Consent had this to add: “It is really exciting to work with NUI Galway Students’ Union on rolling out consent workshops. We know from our research with over 2,000 students nationwide that the workshops are enjoyable and have an impact on confidence and knowledge. Now we have the opportunity to learn how to mainstream workshops as part of the student experience at NUI Galway. We will also be releasing short films on consent where you can decide which way you want the evening to end, the first one is available at

Pictured: (left to right) SU President Megan Reilly and SU VP/Equality and Welfare Officer Clare Austick

Swimming Classes and Lifesaving Course

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Learn To Swim Course and Lifesaving Course 

Here’s some more information about both courses. If you’ve any further questions call to the Swimming, Waterpolo & Lifesaving Club table at Clubs Day 10am-5pm this Tuesday 11th of September or email

All courses are organised by the Swimming, Waterpolo & Lifesaving Club and take place in the pool at the NUIG Kingfisher Gym. You don’t need to be a member of the gym to attend the courses.

Learn To Swim Course

Learn to swim is a program which will for 12 weeks get a non-swimmer to be able to swim in a pool with confidence. By the end of the program most swimmers will be able to swim several lengths in both deep and shallow water. You will also receive a certificate backing your ability presented by the Swim club and NUIG Sports department.

What do we class as a “non-swimmer”?

A non-swimmer ranges from someone who has only ever stood in water to someone who can keep themselves afloat but would like to learn the strokes. We will start at the basics and get everyone to be able to swim a few lengths by the end of the course.

What about people who can already swim?

The first week will be a general course that assesses how well everyone can swim. More competent and confident swimmers will be in a class that focuses on learning more strokes etc. If we find they are beyond everyone in ability after 2-3 weeks we will offer to move them to the Swim Club fitness squad at no extra cost or a refund

How much?

It will cost €75 all together and will run for 12 weeks. This pays for our instructor and other costs that are involved

When is it on?

There will be two 45 minute sessions on Wednesday evenings starting Wednesday 19th of September

7.30pm-8.15pm or (B) 8.15pm-9pm

Can I choose which time I get allocated to? 

Time slots will be allocated randomly for the first week until we gauge everyone’s experience levels and group them together accordingly.

When can I register?

Monday 17th September 2018

  • 1pm – 2pm          Students’ Union Office upstairs in Áras na Mac Léinn or
  • 7pm – 7.30pm    Kingfisher Sports Centre (at the café).

If places remain there will be another registration on Wednesday at 7pm just before the lesson. This is subject to availability and we may book out prior to this so come early. We can take cash or card. If you don’t pay we can’t hold your booking

What do I get for my money?

1 lesson per week for 12 weeks. Lessons consist of 45 minutes of swimming in the Kingfisher pool with a qualified swim teacher. This is the cheapest course you will find for the amount of weeks involved. You don’t need to be a member of the gym to attend.

How many per class?

There will be a maximum of 20 students per class. There will be 2 instructors if the maximum number attends. Some sessions will also have help from our Racing squad so that you get most attention. Our goal is for all our members to be able to swim by the end.

Lifesaving Course

The Lifesaving Course is a course that turns an adequate swimmer into a fully qualified lifeguard in 12 weeks. This condensed course is the cheapest and fastest way to become a qualified lifeguard.

What is an adequate swimmer?

Someone who can swim about 200m without stopping is a good baseline. We recommend joining the Swimming Club second squad at the same time so you can improve your stamina for the course.

How much does it cost?

The average cost of this course is €250 but is subject to change year on year. Price will be known once our instructor has been confirmed.

What do I get?

You will get 15 certifications.

This includes: 4 water safety’s, 3 basic life supports, 2 endurance’s, 4 rescues and 2 pool lifeguards certs. This qualifies you to work as a pool lifeguard anywhere in Ireland.

Who runs the course?

Irish Water Safety runs the course, we help by subsiding it and helping out in any way we can.

When is it on?

Mondays nights starting Monday 17th of September. The instructor will confirm the times

When do I register?

Monday 17th September

  • 1pm – 2pm          Students’ Union office in Áras na Mac Léinn or
  • 7pm-7.30pm      Kingfisher Sports Centre (at the café).

We will take names beforehand but the first people to show up with money will take priority. We will take as many in the course as the instructor is comfortable with


NUIG SU Freshers’ Fair 2018

News & Events
The NUI Galway Students’ Union Freshers’ Fair is back with ALL THE FREEBIES!
Call down to Áras na Mac Léinn 11am-4pm Tuesday 18th of September 2018 for giant inflatable games, food, freebies, tunes from Flirt FM and competitions.
Food Stalls:

NUI Galway Orientation Week 2018

News & Events

NUI Galway Orientation Week 2018

Monday 3rd September

  • 10am-5pm SU Office: Get your SU Card, FREE SU Diary, Student Leap Card, Locker, Second hand Books, play our Giant Games and maybe win a prize!
  • 12pm-3pm My First Day at NUIG SU Photo Booth in foyer of Áras Na Mac Léinn
  • 4pm-7pm Table Quiz with comedian Karl Spain at Sult
  • 8pm till late Post Electric Picnic party with DJ Paul Belton at Sult includes Filthy Food Menu Sampling.

Tuesday 4th September

  • 10am-5pm SU Office: Get your SU Card, FREE SU Diary, Student Leap Card, Locker, Second hand Books, play our Giant Games and maybe win a prize!
  • 4pm-7pm Sult Takeover with your SU Officers. Free Food, Free Wristbands and your chance to ask your SU Officers anything.
  • 8pm till late Bingo Loco at Sult

Wednesday 5th September

  • 10am-5pm SU Office: Get your SU Card, FREE SU Diary, Student Leap Card, Locker, Second hand Books, play our Giant Games and maybe win a prize!
  • 1pm-6pm Fun Fair with lots of free goodies, music, pet farm, inflatables and free food in Aras na Mac Leinn.
  • 2pm-4pm Glow in the Dark Dodgeball in the Kingfisher
  • 4pm-7pm Keys to Adventure Party with the Morganettes at Sult.
  • 6pm-8pm Musical Mayhem with games and prizes at Smokey’s on the Concourse
  • 6pm-8pm Drop in Games Room with the Societies on the concourse
  • 7pm/8pm Movies on the Concourse and a Hairspray the musical sing-a-long in the Kirwan Theatre at 8.30pm.
  • 8pm till late Bongo Steve at Sult

Thursday 6th September

  • 10am-5pm SU Office: Get your SU Card, FREE SU Diary, Student Leap Card, Locker, Second hand Books, play our Giant Games and maybe win a prize!
  • 2pm-6.30pm Global Fun Fest with stalls, music and lots of free stuff in Áras na Mac Léinn
  • 4pm-7pm Speed Friending with Steve Bennett at Sult
  • 6pm-10.30pm Movie Screenings Human Biology Building
  • 7pm Dramsoc Play ‘Chat Room’
  • 4pm-7pm Speed Friending with Steve Bennett at Sult.
  • 8pm till late Daithi at Sult

Friday 7th September

  • 10am-5pm SU Office: Get your SU Card, FREE SU Diary, Student Leap Card, Locker, Second hand Books, play our Giant Games and maybe win a prize!
  • 9pm till late Postgradaoke at Sult

More Details HERE

Dates for your Diary:

Monday 10th September SU Outdoor Cinema

Tuesday 11th September SU Crisis Campout

Tuesday 18th September SU Freshers’ Fair

NUI Galway Students’ Union Launches Practical Training for Students  

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NUI Galway Students’ Union Launches Practical Training for Students


NUI Galway Students’ Union today launched their Life Skills courses for the 2018/19 academic year. Since 2009 the Students’ Union has been running a wide range of subsidised courses for the 17,500 students of NUI Galway with the aim of increasing their practical knowledge. These courses help to improve the employment prospects of students during and after college by boosting their CV’s. The courses also teach them important life skills including how to save lives.


Students’ Union President Megan Reilly said: “We are delighted to announce details of our Life Skills courses for the year ahead. Having attended these courses myself I know first-hand how invaluable the knowledge I gained has been. Whether it’s learning how to help someone who may be suicidal or gaining the skills to administer CPR. All of these courses help to provide a well-rounded education for our students whilst also helping them to make their CV’s stand out from the crowd when looking for jobs.”


The courses on offer from the Students’ Union for the 2018/19 academic year include:

  • Applied Suicide Intervention Skills (ASIST)
  • Sign Language
  • Mixed Martial Arts for Self Defence
  • Cardiac First Responder Course
  • Consent Training
  • Child Protection Training
  • Yoga
  • Anti-Racism Training
  • Disclosure Training with Galway Rape Crisis Centre
  • First Aid Responder Course


The full course descriptions, costs and booking information can be found at:


NUI Galway Students’ Union is a democratic organisation whose mission is “to represent its members and promote, defend and vindicate the rights of its members at all levels of society.”


Galway Students’ Unions condemn extortionate rent prices of €250 per week

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Galway Students’ Unions condemn extortionate rent prices of €250 per week

As luxury student accommodation appears across the city, it seems students would be better off taking out a mortgage instead of renting in the current climate.

Today, NUI Galway Students’ Union and GMIT Students’ Union have strongly criticised prices of ‘luxury’ student accommodation popping up across the city. This comes after new student accommodation has been advertised on the market at €250 per week in the city centre and from another complex directed towards students on Bohermore at a price of €200 per week.

Aaron Burke, President of GMIT Students’ Union, said: ‘Students are not cash cows and this can bring extreme pressure on both parents and students, especially when people are struggling to stay in college. The rate of the grant has not increased since 2012 yet rental prices have increased year on year for six years straight. This kind of accommodation far exceeds the already high rental prices that exist in the city.’

Megan Reilly, President of NUI Galway Students’ Union, added; ‘We cannot stand by these luxury student accommodation providers taking advantage of the current crisis. At this rate, people could be paying up to €1,250 a month for one room in one apartment; some people wouldn’t even pay that on their mortgage monthly. At the other end of the spectrum we have students who are living in hostels or commuting hours to go to college because they can’t afford to live in Galway.’

Both Unions, together with the One Galway Movement, are planning a Crisis Campout in Eyre Square on Tuesday the 11th of September to shed light on the need for purpose built student housing and social housing in general.

Applications Open for SU Cloakroom and Engineering Desk Jobs

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Applications are now OPEN for the vacant positions at the NUI Galway Students’ Union Cloakroom and Engineering Building Information Point for the 2018/19 academic term.

Please send your CV together with cover letter to Joanna Brophy, Assistant Manager, NUI Galway Students’ Union by email only to before 5pm on Monday 27th of August. 

Full job description is available here: Job Description SU Engineering Desk Staff

Late applications will not be accepted.

The NUI Galway Students’ Union Cloakroom will be open 9am-6pm Thursdays & Fridays during term time. The Engineering Desk will be open 11am-3pm Monday-Friday from Monday 3rd September 2018.

Please only apply if you will be available to work during these hours. 

Please note: You must be available for training on Wednesday 29th August and be prepared to start work from Friday 31st August 2018.