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EXPLORE has awarded funding to 22 innovative new projects for 2015/16 involving over 145 students, staff and external partners.


‘Roots’ – Youth Programme

2015/16 Projects

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This project will work with young people in Galway to encourage group participation in extracurricular activities.

Say No to Skin Cancer

2015/16 Projects

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This project aims to determine the knowledge, attitudes and behaviours of students at NUI Galway in relation to skin cancer prevention.

Seeing the Light

2015/16 Projects

 5.6 Seeing the Light Logo

This project will focus on creating an event on the theme of vision and perception inspired by the 2015 International Year of Light.

‘Breaking the SEAL’ – Student Engagement with Archives through Learning

2015/16 Projects

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This project focuses on connecting second level students to the archival material, primary sources, and collections of the Hardiman Library at NUI Galway.

Changing Conflict: Peer to Peer Mediation

2015/16 Projects

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The Programme is a schools based initiative which will be provided an introduction to conflict management and the skills required to deal with conflict. Participating Students will gain the skills and knowledge required to understand and manage conflict within a structured educational environment.


2015/16 Projects


EXpLorE CampusCreate web image


This project aims to encourage creative thinking on the NUI Galway campus in a fun and playful way.


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ABC – Accommodating Babies on Campus

2015/16 Projects



The main aim of this project is to make the NUI Galway campus more baby friendly by raising awareness of the issues parents may face either as students/staff, or when visiting. It is hoped that a student parent policy will be adopted for NUI Galway, the location of baby changing/ feeding facilities will be added to the campus map and to generally make the campus a welcoming environment for our smallest visitors.

Digital Champions

2015/16 Projects

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This project aims to develop a cohort of enthusiastic and knowledgeable student ‘digital champions’ at NUI Galway to promote digital skills and literacies, helping fellow students (and staff) build up confidence in using technologies for learning.


The Wallflower Initiative

2015/16 Projects

5.31 Wallflower Logo

This project will facilitate students to teach clients of Simon Community Galway how to repurpose/recycle/reuse materials in a sustainable manner in order to create vertical gardens.


NUI Galway Through A Different Lens

2015/16 Projects

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The goal of this project is to improve the quality of photographs used in NUI Galway publications, press releases and on the website by running training courses for amateur staff photographers.

Photography in NUI Galway:
NUI Galway Through a Different Lens