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No to fees?
NUI Galway Students’ Union is completely opposed to the re-introduction of third level fees. Keep an eye out for events and protests in the No to Fees campaign!

…financial difficulties
What should I do when in financial difficulty?
There is funding available to students who get into severe financial difficulties, including the ESF-backed Financial Aid Fund. Talk to the Students’ Union Vice-President / Welfare Officer.

...Flirt fm
Hey you what’s that sound?
That sound is our Campus radio station Flirt FM that you can find at 101.3FM or listen online at www.flirtfm.ie.

Are they something that I walk on?
No! Footnotes are notes placed at the bottom of an essay/report or book and contain comments or citations. Use them, unless you want to be accused of plagiarism! 

What’s Freshers’ Ents?
An early chance to get to know the 3500 first years, and also to score that guy or girl who you’ll spend the next three years avoiding! There are loads of impressive prizes and freebies on offer too. They start in early September, so keep your eyes open for more details.

E is for…

A-Z Guide

How do I run as a candidate in the Students’ Union elections?
Couldn’t be simpler! Just get 20 signatures nominating you and hand them in before the specified date. However, it’s best to talk to a current officer of the Union before diving head first into something like that!

Should I vote in national elections?
Yes! An election can be called at any time. It is your chance to have a say in the future of the country. Make sure that you are on the Register of Electors and thus eligible to vote. Log on to Check the Register or contact the Students’ Union for more information and assistance. When you graduate, don’t forget to register to vote in the Seanad elections.

How can I spot them?
Keep an eye out for woolly jumpers, chequered shirts, pens in pockets and other stereotypes! They are known to roam in packs towards sandwich bars during lunch times, and on occasion, have been seen haphazardly building models of Croke Park from empty pizza boxes and milk cartons.

What happens if I get evicted?
Well, it very much depends on your lease and the circumstances behind the eviction. Talk to the Students’ Union Welfare Officer for information.

Who, what, when, where, how? Help!
Check www.nuigalway.ie/exams for all the information on exams, and the SU website for more details, and information on how the Students’ Union can help you through your exams. Why is it always sunny during exams? This is down to the strange phenomenon known as ‘exam weather’.

D is for…

A-Z Guide

What happens if I miss a deadline?
You should never be late with assignments without consulting with your lecturer/tutor beforehand. If you’ve got a genuine reason for being late, they’ll probably allow you a few days extra.

What does the Dean do?
A Dean’s main responsibility is to keep things together in a School. The Dean is also the person you have to talk to if you want to defer exams, etc., and they give good advice on any academic issues.

How do I defer an exam?
Your School will allow you to defer an exam in situations of sickness, if there is a bereavement of someone close to you or in other circumstances, which can stop you from sitting exams. You will need to provide evidence e.g. doctors cert.

…desk reserve
Why can’t I have that book for longer?
Some books are more in demand than others, sometimes only at certain times of the year. Because of this, the library must limit how long any one student can retain a book, so that everybody gets a fair go. Don’t keep these books longer than you’re allowed – the fines are pretty hefty!

Where do I register my disability?
You are not obliged to inform the University of a disability. However unless you do, you are not eligible to access the many disability support services that may be available to you. For more information contact the University’s Disability Liaison Officer or the SU VP/Welfare Officer.

C is for…

A-Z Guide

Where’s the nearest / cheapest chemist?
University Pharmacy (Newcastle Road), Eglinton Street Pharmacy or O’Beirn’s Pharmacy (Henry Street) are five minutes walk away and offer discounts on prescriptions and other items if you show your NUI Galway student ID card. Also see the Welfare Section

…children’s allowance
Where do I get my children’s allowance form stamped?
The Student Information Desk will stamp it for you. Bring your student ID and pay them a visit in Áras Uí Chathail.

What do I do if I’ve been clamped?
Ring the number on the clamp notice straight away to get unclamped. Make sure to ask why you were clamped and if you think it was unfair you can appeal by submitting the form available on the parking website (https://www.nuigalway.ie/buildings/parking.html).

…Class Reps
What’s this Class Rep stuff about then?
The Students’ Union Class Council is a group of approximately 350 students who are elected from every class in the University. They decide Students’ Union policy and contribute greatly to improving University life. If you’re interested in becoming a rep for your class, contact the Students’ Union Vice-President / Education Officer.

Where can I leave my cloak?
The SU runs a FREE cloakroom beside the SU Shop. The cloakroom is open 9am to 6.30pm Monday-Friday during term time. 

How do I join a club?
Make sure you go to Clubs’ Day in September, where there’ll be demonstrations of each sport and plenty of committee members who’ll be able to explain the workings of each sport. Remember that you can join any club at any time of the year and Clubs’ Day is re-run in January. Check out www.sports.nuigalway.ie for more details.

What is the Code?
The University Code of Conduct outlines the basic rules that one has to follow as a student. Visit www.nuigalway.ie/codeofconduct/ to view the full document. A breach of the Code is regarded as a serious matter by the University.

…College Bar
You think we haven’t found it already?
Well, depends on how much initiative you’ve shown! Newly renovated, with coffee, drinks, food, pizza, parties, theme nights, a big screen and a brand new sound system – it has everything! Check their Facebook page for upcoming events.

B is for…

A-Z Guide

Should I get a bicycle?
If you live more than a few minutes from the University then you should seriously consider it. There are loads of bicycle shops in Galway and it is easy to pick one up secondhand. Make sure that you get a good lock for your bike, a back pack and some wet gear. There are washing/changing facilities in the Cairnes Building and the Quad. Prepare to say goodbye to traffic jams, long walks, bus delays and save the planet!

Where do I get my report / thesis bound?
You have a choice of a few places in Galway city: Print That on Campus, Kenny’s (Tuam Road) or JFK (Sandy Road)

What is Blackboard?
Blackboard is an online virtual learning environment (VLE) that some of your lecturers may use to support their work. They will usually upload extra notes, reading lists, assignments, grades and course announcements. If your lecturer is using it they will tell you! It can be found at https://nuigalway.blackboard.com/

Where can I buy textbooks?
You can buy new books from the University Bookshop in the Library building. The Students’ Union runs an online secondhand bookstore on its website at https://services.su.nuigalway.ie/bookstore/

How do I deal with someone who won’t leave me alone?
Bullying is just not on. It’s that simple. Nobody is entitled to intentionally make you upset or uncomfortable. The University has an anti-bullying policy that regards bullying as a serious disciplinary issue. If you don’t want to follow that route, you can speak to the Students’ Union Vice President/Welfare Officer for information on how to approach the problem.

A is for…

A-Z Guide

A is for…

What’s the Admissions Office?
The Admissions Office is responsible for the registration of all students in NUI Galway. It’s also where you can pick up a replacement ID card, if necessary. The office is located in Áras Uí Chathail.

Who can I talk to about stuff?
Depends on what stuff you’re talking about really! If you’re at a loss as to who to talk to, theStudents’ Union offer help on pretty much everything going, and if we can’t help, we’ll definitely know who can! www.pleasetalk.ie has a list of everyone you can talk to too.

Who are Alumni?
Individuals who have left a school, college or university after completing their studies there. (sing masc: alumnus; sing. fem. alumna)

Where’s this “Archway” place?
It’s at the front of the Quad. (Where’s the Quad? See Q below.) The Archway hosts the University’s information desk. So if you are looking for directions or for information on anything, this can be your first port of call