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What if I forget my Computer Services password?

Call down to the Library & IT Support Desk in the James Hardiman Library and they’ll sort it in a jiffy.

…Please Talk
To who?
www.pleasetalk.ie is a website outlining the many people you can talk to on Campus about any problems you may have. Remember a problem shared is a problem halved!

Where can I get photocopying done?
There are photocopiers located in the library and you can buy copy cards for the library copiers in the library. 

How do I get that kiss?
Just jump in. Well, within reason. You have to make sure the person is agreeable first! Once they are, it’s a breeze. Cook him/her dinner once, they’ll be damn impressed! You think we didn’t learn this stuff in school? No, but the rules and standards are a little different in University. Some would say “higher”, but others prefer the safety of “different”. Don’t worry; you’ll catch on! 

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Who, what, when, where?
Orientation happens for all first years in the first weeks of term. At Orientation you will meet people from the University (including the SU President ) and learn everything you’ll need for your time at NUI Galway. Don’t worry if you don’t take it all in though, the diary has all the information too! View Orientation dates

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…North Campus
Is that where Santa lives?
Not quite! It is the part of campus that lies above the Quincentennial Bridge. The Cairnes Building, Áras Moyola, the Engineering Building, the student Sports Centre, and St. Anthony’s are all up there.The Students’ Union has an information desk in the Engineering Building which is open Monday-Friday 11am-3pm during term time. 

Can’t I just wait until the exams come and then get them?
Of course you can, but that’d be a pretty stupid thing to do. If you miss a lecture, get the notes ASAP afterwards or check Blackboard.

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…Medical Card
Where do I get my Medical Card form stamped?
The Student Information Desk will stamp it for you. Bring your student ID and pay them a visit in Áras Uí Chathail.

What is a Mentor?
Each first year student is assigned a Mentor during Orientation. Your Mentor is a 2nd or 3rd year student who has been in the same position as you and survived! They can answer all your questions on College life. View information on becoming a Mentor (Student Connect Program)

…mobile phone
Do you like my novelty ring tone?
I love it, just not when I’m trying to study! Seriously, when in lectures, labs, tutorials, library, computer suites or pretty much anyplace where students are trying to work or study, turn it off! Besides, the library staff will fine you for using your phone.

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Do I really need a lease?
Yes. Print one from the Welfare Section or call to the Students’ Union Welfare Officer.

…library Account
How do I access my Library Account?
The username and password for your Library account are the same as your University email username and password. Log on to the Library website www.library.nuigalway.ie and your library account allows you to see online what books you have checked out, to check what fines you may owe, to place a hold on a book, to renew the books you currently have on loan etc.

How do I get a student loan?
Depends on your bank really. You’ll probably need a guarantor (parents, guardian, etc) before you’re allowed to borrow money. If you can avoid it at all, stay out of debt!

How do I get a locker?

Log on to the Lockers section and register for a locker in your location ofchoice. Then call up to the SU to pay and collect your key.

…look out
...What do I look out for?
Your friends, especially when you are all out together. If they are a bit drunk or not feeling too well, never abandon them!

Who do I ask when I get lost?
Anybody! NUI Galway is probably the most relaxed campus in Ireland, and although it may seem like it at first, it’s not that big! The Student Information Desk in Áras Ui Chathail is also a good starting point. Just ask – we used to get lost too, even though some people won’t admit it!

…Lost and Found
I lost (or found something). Where do I go?
The official Lost and Found office for the University is at the Student Information Desk in Áras Uí Chathaill. It also doubles as the University’s Parking and Information Office.

K is for…

A-Z Guide

I thought that I could go to bed whenever I wanted?
You can. Just remember that your body needs sleep in order to be able to function at it’s best. You can manage it for a day or two with only a few hours; though after that you need to crash!

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What’s a J1?
If you’re thinking about heading to the US for the summer break, you need a J1 student visa. This visa allows you to stay and work in the US for a limited period of time. Look out for the Students’ Union Working & Travelling Abroad Fair for more details on companies offering  J1 Visas. You can get your J1 Visa form stamped at the Student Information Desk in Áras Uí Chathaill. 

How do I find a part-time job?
Check out s notice board in the Union offices and ask to be added to our jobs mailing list. Another good lead worth checking out is the free local newspaper, the Galway Advertiser

I is for…

A-Z Guide

…ID card
Where do I get a new student ID card?
Call into the Student Information Desk (SID) in Áras Uí Chathail and they’ll print you a new one for €30.

How can I improve on my Irish?
Roinn an Gaeilge Labharha (Department of Spoken Irish) offer both beginners and diploma courses in Irish for a small fee. Call into Áras na Gaeilge for more details.

…ISIC Card

The International Student Identity Card is the only globally recognised student ID Card. It can be used to get student discounts in 124 countries. You can get your ISIC card in the SU Office for just €15 and we even take your photo! 

H is for…

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…Health Unit
What’s the deal with the Student Health Unit?
It’s a free service for students. Full details are available in the welfare section

…Healthy Living Week
Do I have to eat my greens?
Yes you do all year round! To remind you of the importance of a healthy lifestyle our Welfare Officer, will be holding a Healthy Living Week campaign.

When do I get holidays during the year?
Consult your Students’ Union diary for full details of all holidays throughout the academic year. Generally, it’s three weeks at Christmas and two at Easter.

…hot water bottle
But my Granny has one?
It doesn’t matter! You’ll save a fortune in electricity costs if you don’t use an electric blanket!

What’s the HUB?
The HUB, or student common room, is located in Áras na Mac Léinn and is a handy place for just chilling out. It’s got board games, pool tables and a FussBall table – surely enough to entertain any student for a spare hour.

G is for…

A-Z Guide

How do I know if I’m eligible and what if I missed the deadline?
Eligibility for maintenance grants is based on your household income for the year up to last December and grants are incremented according to same. Read the SUSI Grants Section and ask the Students’ Union Vice-President / Education Officer for help.

Where do I get my grant cheques?
You can pick up your maintenance grant cheques from the Fees Office in Áras Uí Chathail. The cheques are made available to students as they arrive in the Fees Office. If your cheque is late, don’t panic! Dates vary between County Councils, but call them if you’re very concerned.

What if I have no money until my grant cheque comes?
Talk to the student officer in your bank. They should be able to give you an advance payment until your grant comes in, but spend prudently – it disappears fairly quickly!

Who can give me grinds?
The Students’ Union runs an online grinds register giving details of tutors for all subjects from Accounting to Spanish.