The student movement has been extremely successful in the past in campaigning on a host of issues, from making the transition from secondary school to college easier,to debates about the funding of higher education. Our Students’ Union has always strived to serve the best interests of its members through powerful communication. This can range from internally educating our members about sexual health or housing issues to taking the fight over tuition fees to those in power. It is absolutely crucial that our students are actively involved in all of these campaigns.

The Sabbatical team is committed to promoting student causes both inside and outside of the Union. A lot of this involves communicating with our students to make them aware of how they can get involved in fighting some of these battles.
On this site you can find out about some of the major campaigns that we will be running this year. If you have an issue that you feel is important, please bring it to the attention of the Students’ Union.

Below are some of our previous campaigns:

Freshers’ Fortnight
SHAG (Sexual Health Awareness & Guidance) Week
Healthy Living Week
Fight Against Fees
Mental Health Week
Equality Week
Road Safety Week
Postgrad Week

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