C is for…

C is for…

A-Z Guide

Where’s the nearest / cheapest chemist?
University Pharmacy (Newcastle Road), Eglinton Street Pharmacy or O’Beirn’s Pharmacy (Henry Street) are five minutes walk away and offer discounts on prescriptions and other items if you show your NUI Galway student ID card. Also see the Welfare Section

…children’s allowance
Where do I get my children’s allowance form stamped?
The Student Information Desk will stamp it for you. Bring your student ID and pay them a visit in Áras Uí Chathail.

What do I do if I’ve been clamped?
Ring the number on the clamp notice straight away to get unclamped. Make sure to ask why you were clamped and if you think it was unfair you can appeal by submitting the form available on the parking website (https://www.nuigalway.ie/buildings/parking.html).

…Class Reps
What’s this Class Rep stuff about then?
The Students’ Union Class Council is a group of approximately 350 students who are elected from every class in the University. They decide Students’ Union policy and contribute greatly to improving University life. If you’re interested in becoming a rep for your class, contact the Students’ Union Vice-President / Education Officer.

Where can I leave my cloak?
The SU runs a FREE cloakroom beside the SU Shop. The cloakroom is open 9am to 6.30pm Monday-Friday during term time. 

How do I join a club?
Make sure you go to Clubs’ Day in September, where there’ll be demonstrations of each sport and plenty of committee members who’ll be able to explain the workings of each sport. Remember that you can join any club at any time of the year and Clubs’ Day is re-run in January. Check out www.sports.nuigalway.ie for more details.

What is the Code?
The University Code of Conduct outlines the basic rules that one has to follow as a student. Visit www.nuigalway.ie/codeofconduct/ to view the full document. A breach of the Code is regarded as a serious matter by the University.

…College Bar
You think we haven’t found it already?
Well, depends on how much initiative you’ve shown! Newly renovated, with coffee, drinks, food, pizza, parties, theme nights, a big screen and a brand new sound system – it has everything! Check their Facebook page for upcoming events.

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