B is for…

B is for…

A-Z Guide

Should I get a bicycle?
If you live more than a few minutes from the University then you should seriously consider it. There are loads of bicycle shops in Galway and it is easy to pick one up secondhand. Make sure that you get a good lock for your bike, a back pack and some wet gear. There are washing/changing facilities in the Cairnes Building and the Quad. Prepare to say goodbye to traffic jams, long walks, bus delays and save the planet!

Where do I get my report / thesis bound?
You have a choice of a few places in Galway city: Print That on Campus, Kenny’s (Tuam Road) or JFK (Sandy Road)

What is Blackboard?
Blackboard is an online virtual learning environment (VLE) that some of your lecturers may use to support their work. They will usually upload extra notes, reading lists, assignments, grades and course announcements. If your lecturer is using it they will tell you! It can be found at https://nuigalway.blackboard.com/

Where can I buy textbooks?
You can buy new books from the University Bookshop in the Library building. The Students’ Union runs an online secondhand bookstore on its website at https://services.su.nuigalway.ie/bookstore/

How do I deal with someone who won’t leave me alone?
Bullying is just not on. It’s that simple. Nobody is entitled to intentionally make you upset or uncomfortable. The University has an anti-bullying policy that regards bullying as a serious disciplinary issue. If you don’t want to follow that route, you can speak to the Students’ Union Vice President/Welfare Officer for information on how to approach the problem.

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