4,000 NUI Galway Students Added to Electoral Register for May 22nd Referendum

4,000 NUI Galway Students Added to Electoral Register for May 22nd Referendum


4,000 NUI Galway Students Added to Electoral Register for May 22nd Referendum

A Voter Registration Drive by NUI Galway Students’ Union and NUI Galway GigSoc (NUI Galway’s LGBTQA Society) has resulted in 4,000 students being added to the supplemental register of electors. The campaign sought to register both new voters and voters wishing to change their address who might otherwise have missed out on the opportunity to have their say on 22nd May. Although Voter Registration Drives are not unusual events on campus, the Marriage Equality Referendum has attracted a huge amount of interest amongst NUI Galway students. Last year GigSoc called a referendum of NUI Galway students on the issue of marriage equality which was supported by 95% of students. Both the Students’ Union and GigSoc are confident that those figures will apply to the 4,000 students who have registered to vote and will provide a significant boost in the overall poll.

NUI Galway Students’ Union Vice-President / Education Officer Phelim Kelly said: “We are delighted to support the yes vote in the upcoming referendum. There is an overwhelming appetite for a yes vote among the student body and the Students’ Union has made every effort to accommodate its members in this referendum. Students are making it very clear that they will have their say on something they believe will change Ireland for the better. It’s very clear that students believe that marriage is something that should be made available to everyone regardless of gender or sexual orientation.” 

Gary McMahon, Communications Officer, Galway City Council said: “We had seen an unprecedented amount of registrations come in the weeks prior to the deadline especially on Tuesday May 5th. We were unable to keep track of the amount registered. To facilitate the overwhelming demand of applications to the supplemental register, a member of an Garda Síochána from Mill Street Station was present on the closing date to stamp the necessary forms. We estimate that we had at least four times the usual amount of applications to the supplemental register, and a lot of young voters in particular were adamant to get on the register for these referenda.”


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Phelim Kelly                        

Vice-President / Education Officer                                                                      

NUI Galway Students’ Union                               

Ph. 086 385 3658

Email: su.education@nuigalway.ie

Artice by
Joanna Brophy