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NUI Galway Commits to Introducing Anonymous Marking for new Academic Year

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NUI Galway Commits to Introducing Anonymous Marking for new Academic Year

On Thursday the 20th of April, NUI Galway’s Academic Council approved a proposal to introduce Anonymous Marking of exams commencing in the next academic year (2017-18). No student’s name will appear on the formal examination papers and students will only be identified by their unique student ID Number.

Students’ Union Vice President / Education Officer Cathal Sherlock said:

“Thousands of students have just completed their Leaving and Junior Cert exams anonymously whilst students at NUI Galway are still writing their names on their exams. I am delighted with the successful outcome of our yearlong campaign to introduce anonymous marking for NUI Galway students from September. Anonymous marking will remove the potential for any bias or unfair favouritism.”

NUI Galway’s Vice President for Student Experience, Dr Pat Morgan said:

“I share in the enthusiasm for the adoption of anonymous marking and acknowledge the drive and support from the Students’ Union for this initiative.  I am pleased also by the support of colleagues on Academic Council and that of academic staff in adopting the new policy.”


The policy is as follows:

  • No name appears on the formal examination paper. The examiner marks the paper without visibility of the student name and uses the student ID as the identifier.
  • Continuous assessment, course work, laboratory practical’s or any form of Assessment other than the formal written exam would be marked as normal, i.e., anonymous marking would not apply.
  • The examination papers will have a flap where students write their names. These flaps will be opened only where there are issues with identifying the student.