December 2015

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Hypo Help

2015/16 Projects

Diabetes image

Hypo Help aims to develop a portable product that educates the public on what to do if they encounter a person with diabetes experiencing severe low blood sugar.

NUIGlobal Buddy Programme

2015/16 Projects

5.17 NUI Global logo


This project aims to develop a buddy programme to ease the transition for incoming international students and ultimately enhance their academic and personal experience at NUI Galway.

NUI Galway: Laboratory for Sustainable Living

2015/16 Projects

 temp logo gren nuig

This project aims to complete an audit of sustainability related activities throughout the NUI Galway campus and will develop a video presentation as the foundation for an awareness campaign to encourage students and staff to study, work and live sustainably.

NUI Galway Mini Med School

2015/16 Projects

5.7 Mini Med School Logo

This project will pilot a new student-led, interactive model at NUI Galway for promoting NUI Galway healthcare education and cancer awareness by engaging secondary school students interested in pursuing a medical related career.

‘Past Students: New Women’

2015/16 Projects

 Credit: NUI Galway Archives

This project aims to produce short radio/podcast documentaries to illustrate how women undergraduates and graduates were prominent in the history of NUI Galway at a time of social and political change during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Pi Bot 2.0: electronics, photonics and robotics

2015/16 Projects

5.8 Pi-Bot Logo 

 This project will expose interested Physics secondary school students to electronics, photonics and robotics in an interactive and fun way.

Shakespeare in Galway 2016 (SIG2016)

2015/16 Projects

 sig 2016 logo

This project will mark the quartercentennary of Shakespeare’s death in 2016 within NUI Galway and Galway City.

‘Roots’ – Youth Programme

2015/16 Projects

paper-dolls-14611 960 720

This project will work with young people in Galway to encourage group participation in extracurricular activities.

Say No to Skin Cancer

2015/16 Projects

 temp logo skin cancer

This project aims to determine the knowledge, attitudes and behaviours of students at NUI Galway in relation to skin cancer prevention.

Seeing the Light

2015/16 Projects

 5.6 Seeing the Light Logo

This project will focus on creating an event on the theme of vision and perception inspired by the 2015 International Year of Light.