February 2015

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YOLO (YOung peoples’ Life Opportunities)

2014/15 Projects

Logo Idea 7

Responding to a current knowledge gap on employment opportunities for young people, this pilot project aims to develop an ‘employment opportunities’ toolkit for use by community development workers in Galway. 

The Aether Drone Project

2014/15 Projects

Aethger Drone image from project group for use on website 5 Jan 2015

This project is a pilot model for how cutting-edge technology can potentially be made available to both students and staff for a variety of uses.

Engineering Council

Whats Happening

Engineering Council 6pm-7pm ENG2001 Lecture Room 1 Engineering Building

Postgrad Open Day

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European Union on Campus

2014/15 Projects

European Union on campus AWO image

This project will promote EU job opportunities at NUI Galway by educating students about the variety of job possibilities the EU has to offer and encouraging them to apply for careers in the EU, and its institutions and agencies.

Arts Council

Whats Happening

Arts Council 6pm-7pm AC202 Arts Concourse

Internships Fair

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SU Council

Whats Happening

SU Council 6pm-8pm IT250 IT Building First Floor

Postgrad Council

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Postgrad Council 2pm-3pm Students’ Union Exec office Aras na MacLeinn