Tim Murphy

Convenor of the College of Engineering & Informatics

I'm Tim Murphy, a 3rd Year Computer Science Student. Last year I became a Class Rep and since I started college I have been involved in the SU and Societies.

There’s a story that once I was literally pulled into the SU at the start of first year (literally!) and just have never left since! I am also a Server Administrator for the Computer Society and a Representative for the University Societies Coordination Group (USCG). I plan to do my very best to represent us Engineering and Informatics Students. I love to help out so if you have any questions or issues please give me a call or send me an email, all my details are on here!  


Each of the 5 College Convenors act as chairperson for their College Class Representatives Council. They represent their Colleges Class Reps and students on the Executive Committee. They work with the SU Council Chairperson to make sure every class has a Class Representative.  


Mobile/Fón Póca: 086 026 0500