Lorcán Ó Maoileannaigh

My name is Lorcán Ó Maoileannaigh and I am the Students' Union President for the academic term of 2017/18. Over the past 4 years of college I have gained invaluable experience through society, charity and Students' Union activities and I hope to transfer these experiences and skills to my new position. I have held positions on the Medical, Cancer and Healthcare Society. I believe that the main responsibility of the President and any executive member of the SU is to be approachable, so if you ever see me in Smokey’s, around campus or around Galway please don't hesitate to stop me and have a chat about anything and everything! I hope that I can return the faith put into me by the student body and that together we can run a Students' Union that we can all be proud of!


The President co-ordinates the activities of the Students’ Union and works with University Management to achieve the best academic environment and quality of life for NUI Galway students. The President is responsible for the finances of the Union, for co-ordinating Union campaigns during the year and acts as chief spokesperson for the Union. If you feel things could be done better or if you can identify an area in which improvement is needed within the University, then talk to Lorcán.  


Phone: 091 492746 Mobile: 086 385 5502