Megan Reilly

Equality Officer

Hi everyone, my name is Megan Reilly and I'm proud to be your Equality Officer for 2016/17. My role for the year will be to promote and lobby for equal opportunities all across campus, as well as to run campaigns about difficulties some students face. In terms of myself; I'm a final year B. Comm Accounting student and I'm big on gender equality, LGBTQ rights, making international students feel welcome and valued and improving things for students with disabilities. You can reach me on my mobile or email, I'm always free for a coffee and a chat. And look out for many exciting Equality Campaigns throughout the year!


The Equality Officer is responsible for seeking to stop any form of discrimination against students in NUI Galway. To help achieve this, they initiates campaigns to highlight breaches of equality which affect students within NUI Galway.



Mobile: 086 228 3856